The Who’s, the Whats and the Why’s…

So, I am Amy Fieldhouse. Nee Goulding… hence the email address. I will get around to changing that one day (…I haven’t in 7 years!) I live in a lovely village in East Sussex, with my husband Tim and my two children Bertie (3 years old) and Dottie (1 year old). As well as wife and mother, I am a nurse. A children’s nurse. And most recently, a health visitor. I am about to leave my current role in health visiting, to embark on pastures new. Namely, being readily available to care for the children in their formative years. But I also have a dream. A social prescribing dream.

I want to work out of a local GP surgery. Referred to by the GP’s, meeting with clients, with the ambition of collaboratively finding community engagement, support and activities to enrich peoples lives, improve their health and wellbeing and reduce pressures on primary and secondary care.

I am all about personalisation. Holistic care. Looking at the whole person, not just one part of them, their condition, their diagnosis. Fundamentally ill health affects a whole being. I want to enable people to help themselves, #salutogenesis. This is sustainable. I have seen it work in practice. It is really exciting. I also believe the future is in enabling communities to be responsible for their own health. I want to bridge the gap between primary care and the community. For too long they have been working in isolation but social prescribing is mutually beneficial for all.

I am willing to work for free to start with. I want to pilot #mysocialprescribingschemedream at a local GP surgery, and prove its worth. Once it is successful, I would like to take this further, role out social prescribing across the CCG. It is my dream their would be a social prescription available at every GP surgery across East Sussex.

Why the blog? I have an ambitious plan. But I am also a wife and a mother, running a household and doing the best I can for everyone in it. I am just about to give up my day job to be at home and it petrifies me. Some days I don’t get a chance to look at my #socialprescribingschemedream and other days it feels like I am banging my head against a brick wall. I am willing to work for free, and only asking for a chat, but I still can’t get past reception at most medical centres! I also have a lot to learn as I want to be instrumental in setting this scheme up and seeing it through.

The blog is for me. To keep me motivated. And to see how far I have come. It is also because I # don’t understand Twitter and # need help and advice from experts in the field. So please, if you can; comment, email, tweet, share and help me in my #socialprescribingschemedream .

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Really interested in social prescribing, public health and improving health by personalisation, empowerment and an assets based approach.

2 thoughts on “The Who’s, the Whats and the Why’s…”

  1. Well I am mummy of Amy and I hope someone sees and starts Amy off within a gp practice! I think it is a wonderful idea and it would help elderly and young mums especially as this can be a very lonely experience sometimes!
    All I can say about Amy is when she starts something she never gives up! She is the most kind and patient person I know and will see this scheme take off somehow


  2. What’s not to like about getting people plugged into the services already happening in their community with improved health being the benefit. You are definitely an inspiration, the better half of us and please keep the enthusiasm to crash through that brick wall as when something is so right it is just a matter of time until it happens so keep on pushing!


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