Getting myself out there!

Theres nothing like creating a tall order for myself! If I wanted to pave a way in social prescribing as little old me, without a professional body (see previous blog, whilst I am a health professional, I am not currently using my day job to progress in social prescribing), then I needed to connect myself somehow! I decided to set myself some goals!

I promised myself I would get on Twitter.  I would get actively involved in the @SocialPresHour. I decided I would write a blog about my progression (Hey Presto!). I would start networking locally and nationally by going to forums such as the Personalised and Proactive Care Forum by the Healthy London Partnership and engagement events such as the Big Health and Care Conversation locally known as High Weald Lewes Havens. I would meet with providers and professionals of the social prescription pathway locally e.g Age UK, Care for Carers, the link workers and community navigators currently in post. I would keep making contact with local GPs (at time of writing still no replies) and I would be bold and ask Community Practitioner (the journal I subscribe to as a Health Visitor) whether I could write a journal article about what social prescribing means to me.

I tried not to think to hard about what I was doing because I think if you think to much about anything, you can talk yourself out of it! Some days I ask myself why am I doing this, I am not being paid, I am not part of any organisation or body that is supporting me which in itself means I hit brick wall after brick wall, but then I remind myself… I am a good, honest person. I am not bound by silos and organisational constraints and that is quite refreshing and exciting! And what am I doing it for? My end goal is to try to improve health and wellbeing and install some confidence and resilience in humanity, when lets face it, times are tough!

I set myself the target of getting sponsorship to go to the Social Prescribing: coming of age conference on the 6th November 2018, hosted by the Kingsfund. This was absolutely key to me, because I felt if I could just get someone to believe in me, and enable me to get to that conference, then, it was hope.. it was proof.. I can do this… I have a worthy #socialprescribingschemedream.

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Really interested in social prescribing, public health and improving health by personalisation, empowerment and an assets based approach.

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